Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Autism Treatment is "our children's right and our solemn obligation."

By David and Barbara McLeod (Mcleod) on Tuesday, February 26, 2008 - 1:49 pm:

Hi Everyone,

Please do plan on attending Sunday's rally. A while ago there was a question about the rally being 'preaching to the choir'. Please know that the choir is going to include media who will get our message out to a far wider range of folks than a sign held up on a bridge or overpass. As well, attending an event with many others who believe in what we are doing, who live everyday with the same issues as we do and who are prepared to stand up and be counted, is both encouraging and motivating.

For many of us, who have been at this for more than ten years now, the support of other families gave us the courage to look for real treatment rather than respite for our kids. When we risked financial ruin to provide that treatment, to fight the government in court for funding and for ABA access in schools, it was families standing together against bureaucracy and status quo. When we had to fight for every consideration, there was more fire in our bellies. By providing some money to families, the government has managed to buy the silence of many. It will take that original 'pioneer' resolve, commitment and passion to maintain the fight for Medicare for Autism Treatment.

As previous posts have so eloquently stated - it is time to put aside our treatment debates, see the 'choice' options of government for what they are and stand together for Medicare for Autism Treatment.

Come and hear from some of the many committed professionals and parents who continue to fight access to treatment for all children regardless of parents' ability to pay. Bring your neighbors and friends who signed the petitions we sent to so many MPs that motivated the National Autism Strategy Bill.

Autism Treatment is "our children's right and our solemn obligation."

See you there!

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