Monday, September 15, 2008

Annual Capone's Live Jazz Club Fundraiser & Silent Auction was a huge SUCCESS!

It would be an understatement to say our “Medicare for Autism Now!”
fundraiser at Capone’s last Saturday was a success. Not only did we
exceed our monetary target for the evening, it would be safe to say
that over half the attendees did not have a child with autism.
Fair-minded Canadians are starting to see that autism affects us all
and the treatment for children with autism should be as available as
any other medical treatment. Let’s hope the Federal policy changers
are starting to notice too!
We had such a hard working team and such a successful drive we did
not have enough room to display all of our generously donated silent
auction gifts, so we have decided to raffle the remainder off at our
“Medicare for autism now!” rally on October 4th at Eaglequest Golf
Club. This way the generous donations will still go to the intended
The election is at hand and this may be the last time we have all the
FEAT and ASBC volunteers working together to effect policy change in
this manner. We have to make the politicians see that this is not a
Provincial issue that they can ignore. It is a National election issue
that could influence their ability to win or hold power. Please
remember that prior to 1999 a select few, who were sworn to secrecy,
did receive limited funding. It was snatched away. Unless Autism
treatment funding is enshrined in the HealthCare Act you could lose
the paltry amount of money you receive at any time.
It is incumbent on EVERY parent or relative of a child with autism,
who is not receiving adequate funding, to ATTEND this rally. This is a
minimum requirement. You will not be asked to volunteer. You will only
be asked to give up two hours of your time to stand with your peers,
listen to the speeches and support each other. . Medicare for Autism NOW!” Rally!
Eaglequest Golf Club
7778 – 152nd Street, Surrey BC
Saturday October 4th, 2008

Do it for the kids!

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