Monday, September 8, 2008

Presidential Candidates Debate on Autism

Presidential Candidates Debate on Autism

This week the USAAA Weekly News included a special article of the presidential candidates' stances on autism.

John McCain has worked with issues on Autism Spectrum Disorders during his time in the Senate, such as when he cosponsored the Combating Autism Act of 2006. "John McCain is very concerned about the rising incidence of autism among America's children and has continually supported research into its causes and treatment," his campaign said. "He believes that federal research efforts should support broad approaches to understanding the factors that may play a role in the incidence of autism, including factors in our environment, for both prevention and treatment purposes."

As president, McCain would work to advance federal research into autism, promote early screening, and identify better treatment options. Click here to read his plan on combating autism in America.

Barack Obama has set forth a plan specifically on Autism Spectrum Disorders. "Some conditions like autism don't appear until age two, so infant screening is not enough," he said. "And to meet the needs of the growing numbers of Americans with autism, we need a comprehensive approach that includes not just screening, but early intervention, research, and education services."

As president, Obama would appoint a federal ASD Coordinator to oversee all federal ASD efforts, fully fund the Combating Autism Act and other federal autism research initiatives, support special needs education for children with ASD, and support universal screening. Click here to read his full plan, and click here to see his updated plan to empower Americans with disabilities.

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